Tour Waqra Pukara Full Day

Waqra Pukara Hike could have been the fortress, sanctuary, astronomical observatory? These are the interpretations for this enigmatic monument of classic Inca architecture that stands at 4,300 meters above sea level. In the abysses of the Apurímac River canyon south of the City of Cusco.

  • Modality: Adventure, cultural and ecological walk
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Degree of difficulty: Moderate, with ascent and descents,
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Departure Time: From 4:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.
  • Return time: :00pm approximately
  • Minimum group required: 3 people to go on this tour
  • Periods: All year round, recommended April – November
  • Maximum height: 4,500 meters above sea level
  • Temperature: Cold in the mornings, hot during the day and with many icy winds during the afternoon.

Waqra Pukara Hike Full Day

What it includes:

  • professional guides
  • Round trip transportation: We use private buses and minivans; very comfortable and with all the security
  • accessories according to the number of tourists, our driver has many years of experience.
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Lunch Box Lunch.
  • First aid kit including emergency oxygen balloon.

Does not include:

  • Tips for the guide, Driver
  • Water
  • Income

Starting at

$ 35.00USD

per person

Contact travel advisor +51 940 110 208

Day By Day

Cusco – Pitumarka – Waqra Pukara – Pitumarka- Cusco

The tour begins with the pick up from the hotel from 4:30 to 5:00 a.m., once the whole group is complete we will start the tour, we will travel for 3 hours in tourist transport towards the town of Santa Lucía, in the course we will make a stop in Cusipata to have breakfast, then we will continue the trip.

In Santa Lucía we will take a detour traveling for 15 more minutes through a zigzagging road until we reach Punta Carretera. Place where we will get ready for about 10 minutes to make the last preparations, before starting our walk towards Waqrapukara.

Once everyone is ready we will start walking, the walk will last 1 hour and 30 minutes, the distance to travel is approximately 2.5 kilometers, arriving at Waqrapukara the guide will explain the importance of this Archaeological Complex, then we will have Free time to explore the place on your own and take photos.

At the end of the visit we will enjoy a delicious box lunch, then we will return along the same road to Punta Carretera, where our transport will be waiting to take us back to Cusco. Arriving in Cusco at 6:00 p.m.


Price 120 soles per person in group service

We offer discounts for groups of 7 people or more

private tours

150 dollars per person

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The ISIC Card IS NO LONGER VALID to buy the Ticket to Machu Picchu or the Inca Trail with a student discount.

Now students will be able to access this benefit with the UNIVERSITY STUDENT CARD from the university where they study, this document being the only one valid for this purpose. For more information visit the following link

what to bring

What you need to bring:

  • Mask and face shield
  • A personal backpack for the day that allows you to introduce all the things that you will take with you, we recommend about 20 to 30 liters.(Appropriate clothing for hiking: waterproof and comfortable shoes for long walks, shorts and long pants, dry fit sports shirts, rain jacket or rain poncho).
  • A canteen with water (minimum 2 liters).
  • Toilet paper, hand sanitizer gel. These two items are very important.
  • Personal medications, within this list also includes muscle relaxants, tablets for altitude sickness and headache
  • Blessed for scratches, blisters on the feet that can be generated after several hours of walking.
  • A sunscreen, sunglasses, hat or caps.
  • Extra battery for the camera.

Why Us

Inka Trail Backpacker a certified company?

Inka Trail Backpacker is an adventure tour operator, traditional travel and Eco tourism that has been authorized to be an operator on the route of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu since 2014.

All tourism companies that wish to be operators on the Inca Trail network to Machu Picchu must be certified and have an Inca Trail operator license granted by the government of Peru. This process is very rigorous and strict; not everyone who participates can be successful. This authorization is renewed every year in the month of December and at Inka Trail Backpacker we have the operator authorization of the Inca Trail valid until March 2025. We have a team that is only in charge of renewing our authorizations year after year and thus continue to be a company. authorized to carry out tours through the Inca Trail in its different versions.

Our license as an Official Travel and Tourism Agency in Peru is under the name of Inka Trail Backpacker E.I.R.L
Our authorization to organize tours through the Inca Trail is under the name of. INKA TRAIL BACKPACKER E.I.R.L We also work with the authorizations of the associated companies of which we are a part, such as INTI PERU TREK  and GRUPO CAMINOS DEL PERU E.I.R.L. Duly registered on the official website of the Peruvian Government:

Inka Trail Backpacker cares about the well-being of its workers?

Yes, the fact of offering lower and accessible prices does not mean that we neglect the pay and well-being of our porters or the staff that work with us. Since the end of 2014, Inka Trail Backpacker has been paying the porters who work the Inca Trail a salary of 200 Soles per person for the 4-day trek plus their transportation cost and the cost of their food, we also provide them with adequate equipment for that they can carry out their work in the best way. That is almost 20% above the legally required minimum wage agreed with the Porters Union which makes Inka Trail Backpacker a competitive company that offers good treatment and good benefits for them. After conversations with our porters, they tell us that only a few trekking companies pay them the same as we do and that only two companies pay a little more (they charge their clients around US$150 per person more than we do). Of the other 170 operators authorized to operate the Inca Trail only 60% pay the legal salary and 40% pay less than the legal salary, this is difficult to prove as their porters receive a low salary, but they are asked sign receipts showing they get more!compared to we charge less for tourists who book with us Inka Trail Backpacker

Travel with like-minded travelers:

As a traveler, you know that one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of going to new places is the people you meet along the way. By booking a trek or tour with us, you can be sure that your group will have travelers looking for adventure similar to yours in the Peruvian Andes. Our groups offer a great opportunity to meet new people and network in a friendly environment. You never know who you’ll meet!

Our work with local Communities:

We are really proud of the work we do for our local communities. This is the main focus of our company. We have worked directly with the villages to help them meet their needs. All the products we buy for food on our walks come from local farmers and markets, so we guarantee that our food has fresh and organic ingredients.

100% guaranteed departures

At Inka Trail Backpacker, we like to think that we trek a little differently than our competitors. We stand by our clients and guarantee that we meet 100% of our departure dates on our trips, even if you are a solo traveler, you will always find a place within our groups that you can join.

Travel Info

Necessary medical information:

All our participants must inform us if they have or have had any illness that may affect their personal or group progress during the walk. They will also need to bring their own medications. We recommend that you visit your doctor before making your reservation if you have any health problems.

Visa for Peru:

In general, if you are Latin American, North American or European, you will not need it. If you are a citizen of Mercosur, all members can enter Peru just by carrying your DNI or with a valid passport. If you are from a non-Mercosur country then you will need a valid passport and in some exceptional cases depending on your country of origin, a visa. Here the complete relationship.

If you are a minor you will need to pass in the company of your parents. If you are a father and you are traveling with children, you will need a marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child.


No vaccine is mandatory, but the Peruvian Ministry of Health “recommends” getting vaccinated against Yellow Fever to go to certain regions of the jungle. Normally nobody does, so it’s up to you if it’s worth the risk or not. In several countries this vaccine is free and when it costs, it is not expensive.

Climate and environment in Cusco:

If you are Argentine, Ecuadorian, Chilean, Colombian or you come from a place where it is hot in summer as much as possible, in Cusco it is the opposite. Do not think that your summer is replicated in this region. The periods of intense and cold rain are between December and April while in the capital it is very hot. Be it summer or winter, in Cusco at some point of the day it is cold. Always wear a coat. It is typical that in sunny places you feel hot and in shady places cold. The sun is radiant, and with the climate of the place it can damage your skin. Bring sunscreen and/or buy cocoa paste pills at pharmacies, which are very cheap and useful.

Location of MachuPicchu, unlike the city of Cusco, it is located on the edge of the jungle, that is, at a hybrid point where the mountains meet the jungle and the vegetation changes, showing characteristics of both regions at times. The best season to visit is usually between July and October (high season) when there is not much rain and always blue skies, however this place is visited all year round and it never disappoints.

Altitude sickness:

Perhaps you have never experienced a lack of oxygen. This is commonly felt in Cusco due to the height and makes everything cost triple the effort so you do not have your usual physical resistance which will be diminished. Your digestion will be a little slower and your sleep dense and deep. The ideal is to stay calm the first day to acclimatise. It is very normal that all pharmacies sell pills for altitude sickness. Coca tea also helps as well as candies.

Health and safety:

The city of Cusco is safe in the places where you see yourself surrounded by tourists, the center, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu. Avoid walking alone in the night markets or too far from the center with things of value and tourist appearance. Be aware of your pockets at fairs or areas where you are very close to people. In one of the most touristic cities in the world, petty theft and scams are predictable. To avoid this, simply do not leave your valuables alone or trust free things. Do not trust the excesses of unjustified kindness of strangers who will usually always want something from you.

Hygiene is very important to maintain health. Try whenever possible to see how the food served to you is treated. It is common for tourists to get sick to their stomachs from trying everything. To avoid this, be careful, and avoid things that are sold on buses and street vendors, especially fried foods and artisanal cheeses that can be carriers of dangerous bacteria. Boiled, freshly cooked or well washed food will almost always be fine. Long walks on rocky terrain can make you easy prey to dislocations or similar injuries. Wear good shoes. Cusco has good health care places that cater specifically to tourists. To access them do not forget to have travel insurance. Compare them all here so you can choose the cheapest travel insurance.


Peru is one of the cheapest countries in South America so you can get rooms at ridiculously low prices. However, what you get is directly related to what you pay. You can review lodgings, see the photos and compare all the lodgings at so you will have a clearer idea.


How many hours do we have to walk to get to Waqra Pukara?

It is located 3 hours by bus from Cusco. We have to walk 3 out and 3 hours back

What time does the tour start and end?

The tour starts from 4:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m.

How long does it take to return to Cusco?

It takes approximately 3 hours.

Is lunch included?

It is a Box Lunch (consisting of rice with vegetables with chicken fillet, cookies, bottle of water and fruit)

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

No, however, we can stop to use the bathrooms in the towns along the way, however, we recommend that you carry toilet paper and coins with you to pay for the use of the bathroom.

What is the maximum height of the tour?

The maximum altitude we will reach is (4,500m)

Was I able to guarantee the first seats on the tour transport?

No, the seats are occupied by the order of arrival of the members of the tour.

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