Our Camping Gear

At Inka Trail Backpacker we dedicated to making sure we have the best camping equipment available. You will be hiking through a wide range of terrain from mud in warm weather to snow in cold weather. That’s why uses top quality camping equipment and with optimal characteristics for the different altitudes and climates during the chosen trek.



Sleep well in our roomy and inviting Doite Pro Aconcagua tents. These igloo tents are 1.20 mt/4ft high and 2.60 mt/8.5ft across at their widest point, comfortably sleeping four people. However, we place only two people in each tent, guaranteeing plenty of space for you to stretch out to your heart´s content, even with all of your gear and your duffel bags.

The dining tent

Will become the heart and soul of each of our campsites, as we unwind together during mealtimes in a friendly, cozy setting perfect for getting to know your fellow trekkers.

Tables and Chairs

The dining tent is large enough to accommodate tables and chairs, with two doors on each side for easy entry and exit. On days with beautiful weather, we will leave them open so that you can dine before unforgettable views; while at night or in poor conditions, we will close them to allow you to enjoy your meal protected from the elements.

Sleeping Mats

To insulate your body from the heat-sapping ground while you sleep, we provide a foam mat to place under your sleeping bag. This mat provides some comfort, but travelers looking for a little more luxury can rent an air mattress from our office,which adds several inches of cushion to protect you from the hard mountain terrain.

Sleeping Bags

Didn´t bring a sleeping bag to Cusco? Not to worry Inka Trail Backpacker has incredibly warm mummy-style sleeping bags to rent for just $20 per person for the entire trek. Rated for temperatures as low as -10°C and washed before every use, they will wrap you in comfort during chilly nights on the trail. We also include sleeping bag liners, which go over the sleeping bags, in the winter months. Even the tallest trekkers can expect a good night´s sleep in our sleeping bags they are suitable for heights of up to 2.30mt/7.5ft!

Hiking Poles

Rent a pair of our Black Diamond hiking poles to help you up the steepest ascents of your trek. They easily fold up for storage whenever you don´t need them, and are adjustable, with sturdy grips and tips, for when you do. Even experienced hikers will be grateful for the extra stability, balance, and reduction of knee strain with these professional grade poles.