Tips & appreciations

The Inca Trail and Other Treks

Tipping on treks to Machu Picchu is a tradition that has been taking place for the last twenty years as a way of showing the porters your gratitude. While we hope every trip we lead is a lifetime experience, tipping is of course one hundred percent voluntary and should only be done if you feel that your guide, porters, and chefs have done an amazing job. If you choose to leave a tip, we have some guidelines on how much to give:

On the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Generally, groups give collective tips to be shared between the cook and all porters (including the head porter). A typical amount is 50 to 60 soles to each porter from the group and 100 to 120 soles to the chef from the group. These amounts are standard for both large and small groups of hikers therefore, the size of your personal contribution will depend on how many people you are trekking with (usually each traveler can expect to contribute 100 to 150 soles to the group tip).

On our alternative treks, tipping will sometimes occur on separate days: one day for the horse wranglers and later for our chef.

If you would like to tip our office team (Operations, Reservations, and Sales), it is possible to leave a token of your appreciation when you visit for your pre-trek briefing. Although you don´t see them that much, they are the people behind each detail, putting everything together in order to ensure you get the service you deserve!

NOTE: This is just a suggestion, whether or not you tip and the amount is ultimately a personal
decision and not obligatory.