About Us

Inka Trail Backpacker Is a Branch of Inti Sun Trek Peru Tour Operators

Inka Trail Backpacker was created with the specific purpose of offering backpackers and travellers great rates on the best treks in the Cusco region. We share an office and equipment with Inti Sun Trek, so that you will have the support and experience of an established tour operator combined with the rates of a bargain company.

Customized Trekking to Fit Your Needs

At Inka Trail Backpacker, we cater to adventurous travellers on a budget. We offer all of the most exciting tours and treks in the Cusco region at an affordable price. We understand that you are looking to get the most from your money and you can do without the extra “frills” found in most tours. At Inka Trail Backpacker, we offer you a basic version of popular treks and control over which extras you wish to add to your trek.

A Community-Minded Tour Company

At Inka Trail Backpacker, we take pride in our connection to the local communities surrounding Cusco. Jorge Villafuerte, the founder of Inka Trail Backpacker, was born in one of these communities and realizes the importance that the tourism industry has on these places. We employ many people from these small mountain villages to work as porters, cooks, wranglers, and hosts for our visitors.

While on one of our tours, you will interact with the local villagers and have a chance to observe them going about their daily lives. The people in these villages live simple, peaceful, and quiet lives and are very friendly to the tourists that visit them. If you wish, you can bring along small gifts to give them, such as notebooks, pens, warm clothes, and candies for the children. When you visit these villages, expect to be charmed! When you book a tour with Inka Trail Backpacker, you can be sure that you are contributing to the sustainability of these traditional villages and the people who call them home.

Two-In-One Tours to Machu Picchu

The Cusco region is a special place with a seemingly endless variety of treks and stunning sites to visit. At Inka Trail Backpacker,  we believe this is a good problem to have! We offer you combined tours to Machu Picchu, which allow you maximize your time spent in Cusco. Spend your time in Cusco acclimatizing to the altitude while taking a tour of the city, the Sacred Valley, the unique ancient sites of Maras and the Moray salt mines, or one of our many other specialized tours and day hikes. With so much to see, you cannot go wrong with one of our combined tours.

Trek with Like-Minded Travellers

As a traveller, you know that one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of going new places is the people you meet along the way. When you book a trek with Inka Trail Backpacker, you can be confident that your group will be filled with similar travellers looking for adventure in the Peruvian Andes. Our groups provide a great opportunity to meet new people and bond with them in an exciting environment. You never know who you will meet!

Adventure awaits you in Peru and all of us here at Inka Trail Backpacker can’t wait to meet you!